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Friends only. [Jun. 16th, 2003|06:54 am]
Hold on to your friends.

A bond of trust
Has been abused
Something of value
May be lost
Give up your job
Squander your cash - be rash
Just hold on to your friends

There are more than enough
To fight and oppose
Why waste good time
Fighting the people you like
Who will fall defending your name
Oh, don't feel so ashamed
To have friends

But now you only call me
When you're feeling depressed
When you feel happy I'm
So far from your mind
My patience is stretched
My loyalty vexed
Oh, you're losing all of your friends

Hold on to your friends
Hold on to your friends
Resist - or move on
Be mad, be rash
Smoke and explode
Sell all of your clothes
Just bear in mind :
Oh, there just might come a time
When you need some friends

[User Picture]From: nonobadkitty
2003-06-18 03:58 pm (UTC)


Tis' bad enough I can't remember anything and then you go and throw me a curve ball with this new live journal name. Aye Dios mio!

I was thinking... it would be weird if there was a way to get breastmilk from like someone else when you have no more to give..... okay that was yuck. Nevermind.

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[User Picture]From: absenter
2003-06-19 09:49 am (UTC)

Re: chingado

add me!
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[User Picture]From: nonobadkitty
2003-06-26 08:46 pm (UTC)
I am trying to hold on to my sanity...friends are nice when they are sincere and kind. I have plenty of those. But I did want to THANK U for being such a good friend. You have been more than kind and supportive and I thank you for that.

We, (Zoe, Skyler, and myself) Luv ya very very much!

Rock on Mexican Boiiiii!
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